Trump Returns To Campaign Trail In Florida

Trump Returns To Campaign Trail In Florida[Image: Reuters]

United States President Donald Trump has returned to the campaign trail less than two weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19.

The outdoor rally in Sanford, Florida, was the first of four rallies that Trump has planned after his insistence that he return to the campaign trail despite it being unclear whether he has tested negative for COVID-19.

Trump was seen throwing face masks out into the crowd of attendees, many of whom weren’t wearing one.

Trump’s desperation to return to the campaign trail, with elections taking place on November 3, is likely due to the seemingly insurmountable lead that Joe Biden has over him in the US Presidential Race, with most polls and the RCP national average of polls showing that Biden has a double-digit lead, the biggest advantage that any challenger has held since 1936. On Monday Mr Biden spoke in Ohio, another swing state.

Biden also has a 3.7 point lead on Trump in Florida, which is likely why Trump has directed his campaign trail to the crucial battleground state straight away.

“The Trump campaign team are throwing everything at Florida – a loss here makes his return to the White House near impossible,” says Nomia Iqbal, BBC News correspondent in Sanford.

With less than a month left to turn public opinion in his favour, Trump is desperate to convince voters that he has not been affected by his COVID-19 diagnosis – but perhaps returning to the campaign trail early and putting his supporters’ lives at risk could have the opposite affect.

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