Almost 25,000 New Cases In 24 Hours For US; 240,000 Cases Predicted As Trump Buckles

In the latest figures released for coronavirus infections, the United States recorded over 25,000 new cases of COVID-19 in just one day, while experts are predicting that there could be as many as 240,000 deaths nationwide, and the worst case scenario models say that the death toll could even rise into the millions.

COVID-Induced Global Economic Crash On The Horizon?

American stock markets are plummeting and Donald Trump’s economic gains as president have now been completely eradicated, while the other major stock markets around the world aren’t doing any better.

Biden All-But Seals Dem Primary: Prepare For 4 More Years Of Trump

With a majority of the primary races called after the March 10 Democratic primaries, it’s very likely that Joe Biden is going to be the man chosen to run against Donald Trump. Sadly, 2020 is probably going to be a nauseating deja vu for America and Trump will be in the White House for anotherContinue reading “Biden All-But Seals Dem Primary: Prepare For 4 More Years Of Trump”

California Declares Coronavirus Emergency After 1st Death

The state of California, the biggest in the United States, has now declared a state of emergency after a 71-year-old man became the first coronavirus fatality. There are now more than 150 patients infected with COVID-19 throughout the US. The patient in question died in a hospital near Sacramento, according to BBC, and had underlyingContinue reading “California Declares Coronavirus Emergency After 1st Death”

Biden The Big Winner On Super Tuesday

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, walks away from Super Tuesday as the big winner, after ostensibly winning nine of the 15 primaries that were held on the day, with the important states of California and Texas still some way off of 100% reporting. So far, only five states have 100% reporting (as of the earlyContinue reading “Biden The Big Winner On Super Tuesday”