Trump Lashes Out At Arizona Governor Ducey For Ignoring His Call

Trump Lashes Out At Arizona Governor Ducey For Ignoring His Call[Image: AP/Twitter]

Donald Trump has been enraged by a film that has emerged of one of his top political allies, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, ignoring a call from him.

Ducey was seen taking his phone out of his pocket and turning it over, placing it face down on his desk, while certifying the election result in his state, won by Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Trump won Arizona by a massive margin in 2016 and Ducey even told reporters that he had a “Hail to the Chief” ringtone, specifically for Trump and Vice President Pence, so that he could instantly identify their calls.

After the video emerged of Ducey receiving their calls, he was seen again putting his vibrating phone away, although it’s unclear whether it was the President on the other end of the line. Meanwhile, after Trump found out about what his ally in Arizona, Ducey, had done, he launched a tirade that one should come to accept from the laying-duck President.

“We didn’t lose the state, we won it by a lot.” he said on Monday evening, as reported by Metro UK,  saying “Who needs Democrats when you have Republicans like Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey?”

Kemp, the Governor of Georgia, a swing state that Trump also lost to Biden, has also certified the result, much to Trump’s ire.

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