Biden Wins Georgia Recount As Trump Runs Out Of Options

Biden Wins Georgia Recount As Trump Runs Out Of Options[Image: BBC]

United States President-elect Joe Biden has had his electoral victory in the state of Georgia confirmed after an official recount, with the Trump legal team left clutching at straws in their efforts to mount a challenge at overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Biden, who won the election with 306 electoral college votes to Trump’s 232 (with 270 needed for victory), is still waiting on the incumbent president to concede the election, with Trump claiming that there was widespread voter fraud that effected the outcome – although he has no evidence of this. The Democrat also beat his Republican rival by more than  5.9 million votes in the popular vote

Biden ended up beating Trump in the vote in Georgia by 12,284 votes, according to the audit required by state law, as reported by BBC. Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger confirmed the victory for Biden in an official statement.

“Georgia’s historic first statewide audit reaffirmed that the state’s new secure paper ballot voting system accurately counted and reported results,” he said. “This is a credit to the hard work of our county and local elections officials who moved quickly to undertake and complete such a momentous task in a short period of time.”

The highest error rate in any country throughout the state was at 0.73%, while, overall, the margin between Mr Biden and Mr Trump remained at under 0.5%. However, Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis says that the results turned out “exactly as we expected”, given that the state had recounted what they are alleging to be illegal ballots.

The Republican who serves as Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, was interviewed about this on CNN and says that the audit proved beyond doubt that there was no form of manipulation in the election.

“One of the big complaints is these machines somehow flipped votes or changed votes or did stuff,” he said. “They didn’t, at least not in Georgia. We proved it.”

During the audit this week, nearly 6,000 untallied votes were found – paring back Mr Biden’s lead slightly – but they were the result of human error and not fraud, according to Sterling.

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