US Hit 2 Million Coronavirus Infections

More infections and deaths than anyone else

US Hit 2 Million Coronavirus InfectionsThe United States has now got more than 2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus [Image: Johns Hopkins]

On Wednesday, the number of patients infected with COVID-19 in the United States surpassed the 2 million mark – almost three times as many infections as the second worst affect country, Brazil.

The first case of coronavirus was reported in January and, while China and Europe were leading the way in infections, bad policy decisions, embodied by Donald Trump’s dismissing of coronavirus as a “little flu” saw them soar to the top spot as the cases in the country’s epicentre, New York, soared and their curve turned exponential.

Now, according to Johns Hopkins University, there are 2,000,464 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States and counting, significantly higher than second placed Brazil (772,416). Furthermore, 112,924 people have succumbed to the disease, well ahead of the next worst affected nation by deaths, the United Kingdom (41,213).

However, to be fair to the US government, their figures (which are rising by roughly 20,000 each day) are likely so high in comparison to other nations because roughly half a million tests are being conducted on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, the United States face an incredibly difficult battle in the battle against COVID-19 and, with presidential elections due to be held in November, it could have major political consequences.

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