Mochi Mochi : The New Treat on the Block

This new addition to Cape Town's food scene guarantees to satisfy your sweet tooth with mochi that's so good you'll think you're in Japan.

Mochi Mochi : The New Treat on the Block

Cape Town has seen an explosion of Japanese cuisine over the last few years, and it’s only gaining momentum. The latest addition is the small, but sweet Mochi Mochi.

If you’re unfamiliar with this traditional Japanese treat, mochi is a rice cake made of glutinous rice, pounded together to form a smooth, squishy and chewy texture. It’s eaten all year round in Japan, in sweet and savoury forms – and now you can get it on Cape Town’s Longmarket street, right next to Tjing Tjing (and we’ve already sung their praises).

The Essentials

When: Tuesday – Saturday, 7am – 4pm

Where: 161 Longmarket Street, Cape Town City Centre

Contact: 021 422 4920
Instagram: @mochimochi_za

If diving into the world of Japanese desserts is a little scary, no need to worry. Mochi Mochi offers a range of flavours that mix those of traditional Japan with a creative flair. These include a marzipan, creamy matcha or a chocolate brownie filling, that are a treat to the tastebuds!

If you’d like to keep it more traditional, try the mitarashi dango ( similar to the mochi truffles, but saucy and on a skewer) or their dorayaki (red bean pancakes that can be found everywhere in Japan), close your eyes and imagine you’re in a park in Osaka. And if these still don’t do it for you, Mochi Mochi also offers Japanese style cheesecake ( which you must try at least once before you die, and since we don’t know when that is, it may as well be tomorrow) and scrumptious egg sandwiches.

The space is pretty small – actually very small –, and still attracting a lot of traffic on account of its newness, so if you’re worried about being in crowded spaces during a pandemic, you might not want to hang around too long. But that’s ok! because you can grab your treats to go!

This makes it super easy to pop in and grab dessert in between running errands in town. Even more exciting is that their mochi truffle boxes, which include all their fillings, allow you to try all their flavours without having to do it in one sitting – and trust me, you want to try every flavour. They’re all completely different and theres a favourite for everyone, just waiting to be discovered.

Give your taste buds a gift, and check out Mochi Mochi next time you’re in town. If you really want to go all out and pretend Cape Town is Tokyo for the day, grab lunch at Tjing Tjing Torii beforehand. Your belly will thank you!

Essential Millennial Rating : 4 out of 5 avocados (5 for the food, 3 for the space)

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