Essential tips: Up Your Grooming Game This Valentine’s Day

Essential tips: Up Your Grooming Game This Valentine’s Day

Want to really impress your date on this Valentine’s Day, guys? Show off your ability to pay attention to detail by getting your grooming game on point.

I’m sure this might come across as a little patronising to most men, but there are still a few guys out there that don’t realise that personal hygiene and taking care of yourself is normally quite close to the top of the list of factors that decide whether or not a woman is attracted to you. We all spend a lot of time in the gym (or want to) working on our bodies, so why the hell do we not put the same kind of focus into making our skin soft and our hair silky smooth? Women are attracted to men of all shapes and sizes, but the common theme is that all of them will turn their noses up at a guy who smells like he’s been working in a mine all day.

So what is it that separates you from the Idris Elba, Matthew Mcconaughey types? Normally it’s not just a simple case of showering regularly and brushing your teeth twice a day, but rather you don’t know the small little life-hacks that most men won’t notice. So for this Valentine’s Day, we want to reveal a few grooming tricks that will turn you into that dapper AF guy that instantly grabs a woman’s attention.

Finger Nails

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So this one is oft forgotten. When you’re holding your date’s hand or even when you’re using your hands to gesture while you’re speaking, your fingernails are inevitably going to come to her attention, and considering the amount of money she spends making her nails pretty for you, she will pick up on the fact that your nails are unevenly cut or, even worse, dirty. Firstly, clean them lads. Every day. You use your hands more than any other part of your body and they’re bound to get dirty no matter what line of work you’re in or what lifestyle you live, so for the love of all that is good and holy, please just get out the nailbrush and make it part of your daily shower routine.

Secondly, when it comes to cutting or filing, you should always clip your nails after a shower when they’re soft or file them before your shower when they’re hard. I’d recommend using a nail file, because it gives your nails a much more even look.

Nether regions

It’s an indecent thing to say, but look… ball sweat is disgusting and can build up a pretty hectic stench – especially after a long, hot day. Even if you’re lucky and she doesn’t catch a whiff of the puddle of sweat in your pants, it degrades your own confidence when you do. You feel it and even worse you may smell it. So invest in non-talc based powder and keep yourself feeling and smelling fresh where it really counts. It’ll also make it a far more pleasant experience for her if you happen to get lucky tonight.


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So there are a number of things to pay attention to with skin. Starting with shaving, try to avoid shaving against the grain, because that’s the best way to get a comfortable, close shave. You’ll get a closer shave going against the grain (in the opposite direction to the way your hair grows), but is causes irritation and razor burn, or even worse, ingrown hairs. Shaving rash is just not very pleasant to be looking at.

Next up, consider the temperature of the water when you shower. Hot showers are comfortable, but cold ones are far better for your skin, especially if you’re prone to having dry skin. Plus, it’ll reduce your shower times and save water because you’ll want to get out far faster than you would in the comfort of a nice, hot shower. It’s actually even better for your skin in the winter, believe it or not! But, if you can’t take the cold, at least avoid washing your face with warm water and save washing your face for when you get out of the shower and do so in the basin.

Finally, don’t overdo the moisturiser. Some guys tend to slap a massive wad of moisturiser on their face, but it’s unwise to go overboard. Frequently having your face covered by a thick layer of moisturiser creates a dependence on product and is simply not sustainable.

Neck, Hair & Beard

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Shaving your neck hair can make your haircut consistently look fresh – so save yourself a few trips to the barbershop and use either your electric razor or razor blade as well as a hand-mirror (if you don’t have one, the front camera on your phone does the trick) to get a nice fresh look at the back of your neck. Make sure you stick to your hairline though, because if you go too high it will look ridiculous and is irreversible.

When it comes to your beard, what you want to avoid is itchy, coarse hair. Not only for your own sake, but for hers. To achieve that soft feel, use conditioner every day while doing your hair in the shower and use a strong, bristled beard brush. On that same note, avoid shampooing your hair too much. Rather use either water and rinse your hair or stick to conditioner and only shampoo every other day. It will reduce dry, oily, fluffy and straw-like hair.


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Possibly the most important item on this list, you’re not gonna get a kiss tonight if you have bad breath and yellow teeth. It’s just not gonna happen, bro… Want to achieve that bright, shiny, pearly-white look? Baking soda is a great hack. Take half a teaspoon and a little bit of water and apply it to your teeth, brush after two minutes later and you may not have that minty smell, but you will feel the cleanliness. Better yet, it’s good for emergencies. So if you’re heading to your date straight from the office, apply it with your fingers and you won’t have to cover your mouth with every sentence that comes out of it. Another great investment is charcoal toothpaste, which can help give your teeth that extra white twinkle which will leave her swooning.


This one’s a bit more of an optional extra, but certainly won’t go unnoticed. Bush eyebrows can put off the symmetry of your face, draw attention away from your eyes and, even worse, some guys are prone to uni-brows. According to scientists, both eyes and facial symmetry are crucial for attraction. That’s why women put so much effort into getting their brows threaded, tinted and on fleek. But, never, ever, ever use a razor. At worst, bring out the tweezers to get rid of unwanted hairs. But for the purposes of being prudent, you can use your girlfriend’s eyebrow gel or even normal hair gel to brush them into place. You don’t need anymore than a fingertip’s worth and even that may be too much, so don’t overdo it.

And there you have it, gentlemen. Getting your grooming in order isn’t an overnight process, but if you even put up with the process only for today going forward, you’re bound to impress your date at least a little bit. And if you keep it up, you might impress her a lot. Not only that, but it will do wonders for your confidence knowing that you have everything in order. You won’t need to feel self-conscious and, better yet, you’ll just feel comfortable being a little cleaner and trimmed. You never know, it may even make you feel like you would if you were wearing expensive clothes or sporting a 12-pack – and it takes significantly less effort.

From all of us at The Essential Millennial, happy Valentine’s Day!

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