EFF Wins Battle Against Clicks & TRESemmé Withdrawn From SA Retailers

Clicks and Unilever have bowed to the demands put forward by the EFF following the outrage over the controversial TRESemmé adverts.

EFF Wins Battle Against Clicks & TRESemmé Withdrawn From SA Retailers[Image: Esa Alexander/Sunday Times]

The EFF won their battle against Clicks over the controversial TRESemmé adverts, following the negotiations between the party, Clicks and Unilever yesterday. TRESemmé products have been withdrawn from all retail stores for 10 days, while Clicks have agreed to set up a scholarship for five black females to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals.

“Clicks expresses its remorse to all South Africans, black women in particular, for the racist TRESemmé advert it published on its websites,” the EFF said in the statement.

The EFF said it had insisted during the “constructive and robust” discussion that an apology alone was not enough. “The EFF made it clear that the days of apologies and sorry are over — and that there must be consequences for racism.”

According to TimesLIVE, the EFF said that Clicks had agreed that:

  • Clicks would withdraw all TRESemmé products from all its stores and replace them with locally produced products;
  • Clicks would donate a minimum of 50,000 sanitary towels, 50,000 sanitisers and masks to rural and informal settlements identified by the EFF;
  • Clicks would award scholarships to five students to pursue pharmaceutical studies in the next academic year — all five students must be black, rural, African females, and orphaned by HIV/Aids; and
  • the EFF would in turn work with law-enforcement agencies to ensure that provocateurs involved in the vandalism of Clicks stores were brought to book.

In a separate meeting, with Unilever, the company that supplies retailers around the company with TRESemmé products, an agreement was reached for Unilever to remove all TRESemmé products from South African stores for a period of 10 days and donate at least 10,000 sanitary pads to informal settlements in the country.


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