US Congress Passes Bill To Limit Trump In Iran Conflict

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

A new war powers resolution that will be used as a measure to get Donald Trump to end hostilities with Iran was passed in The House on Thursday in an attempt to limit The President’s ability to take military action against the Middle Eastern power.

The resolution, which passed 224-194 in The House of Representatives is what is known as a “concurrent resolution”, which does not require the President’s signature to be passed into law. However, concurrent resolutions are typically non-binding and are regarded simply as a messaging bill.

The House Majority leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has claimed that the deal has “real teeth” because it would not require the President’s signature to be passed into law and will be a “statement” from Congress that the President cannot Veto.

“We’re taking this path because it does not require … a signature of the president of the United States,” Pelosi told The Hill. “This is a statement of the Congress of the United States, and I will not have that statement be diminished by whether the president will veto it or not.”

Prior to the vote, President Trump took to his Twitter account, calling on Republican lawmakers to side with him on the vote.

The House mostly voted along party lines, according to the same report from The Hill, with all but three republican representatives (Matt Gaetz and Francis Rooney, both from Florida and Thomas Massie from Kentucky) voting against the resolution. Meanwhile eight democratic representatives broke with party lines and voted against the resolution, including Max Rose (NY), Ben McAdams (Utah), Anthony Brindisi (New York), Joe Cunningham (South Carolina), Kendar Horn (Oklahoma), Stephanie Murphy (Florida), Josh Gottheimer (New Jersey) and Elaine Luria (Virginia).

Published by Kyle Smith

Kyle is a journalist by qualification that has operated professionally in a number of roles in a wide variety of fields. His interests lie in sports, politics, technology and entertainment. Writing from Cape Town, South Africa, Kyle also engages with locals and visits prominent locations in The Mother City, whilst also taking an interest in current affairs abroad.

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