Essential Millennial Services

Essential Millennial Services

Whoever you are, whatever digital medium you’re using and whichever platforms you want to publish your content on, we’ve got you covered! Our team has decades of experience in digital spaces, working in the media and marketing industries. We create content that doesn’t focus on increasing exposure to your brand, but rather that inspires trust.

Our strategies focus on bringing your happy customers back to your website, your social media pages – not just single visits that rarely result in conversions.


  • For individual creators
  • For SMEs
  • For everyone else


Since our inception, Essential Millennial has been a home for content creators. After all, we’re creators ourselves! Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to get your independently created content to reach large online audiences, or trying to sell a product or service, we can help you find your niche and excel through:

  • Training programs: We instruct you in digital marketing basics, copywriting, social media strategy and content creation, video editing and designs basics, paid ads, and Search Engine Optimisation. We train you to use industry standard software and content management systems so that you can become adept digital marketers yourselves!
  • Social Media templates/Digital CVs: If you’re a creator and you want to disseminate information, sell products or grow your audience for your social media profiles/website, we teach you how to craft a brand strategy, create simple, effective posts on multiple platforms, and to cultivate a loyal, engaged audience.
    And if you just want to find a job, we can help you stand out among other applicants with eye catching digital CVs and portfolios that showcase your talent and skills to land your dream job!

Small and Medium Enterprises

For anyone that’s running a small business or start-up, you know that every cent you save counts. Digital marketing is a time-consuming, costly part of doing business that plays a critical role in your success. Our services are designed to save you time and money.

  • Basic training: A crash course program on digital marketing that teaches you the most basic marketing principles and how to use affordable content management, design and social media scheduling software. We help you create simple design templates for your social media posts that you can re-use to achieve interoperability across various platforms, reach audiences organically, and generate leads. This gives you the freedom and know-how to run your own digital marketing strategy but also to create content in a matter of minutes.
  • Full-stack digital marketing services: Not interested in the D-I-Y approach? Just looking for someone to run your accounts for you and generate leads and conversions? We offer retainers for full-stack digital marketing services, including digital marketing strategy consulting, social media account management, blog posts, press releases, Wordpress web development, analytics and SEO services, and mailing lists/newsletters. We craft bespoke, tailor-made packages that suit your company’s needs at affordable rates. We bring the customers to you while you keep doing business.

Everyone Else

Looking for freelancers? We offer single-service packages at hourly rates for individuals and businesses that are on the hunt for talented content creators with plenty of professional experience in the marketing industry.


As we grow as a company, we are keeping an eye on the future and recognise the threat that emerging AI technologies pose to our industry, but also the potential opportunities on the horizon. We are keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and developments to ensure that our digital marketing strategies are capable of withstanding future disruptions.

*Looking for a digital marketing team that can take care of your businesses’ unique needs? Find out more about our digital agency services HERE and get in touch with us HERE .