Sanders Drops Out Of Democratic Primaries, Redirects Funding To COVID-19 Relief

Senator Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his campaign, leaving Joe Biden with an open path to the Democratic nomination.

Senator Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his campaign, leaving Joe Biden with an open path to the Democratic nomination.

The Sanders campaign announced on Wednesday in a staff conference call and will be making public remarks regarding his drop-out at 11:45 ET.

“As I see the crisis gripping the nation,” the Vermont Senator told supporters in a live stream on Wednesday from his home in Burlington. “I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win and which would interfere in the important work required of all of us in this difficult hour.”

After a strong caucus in Iowa, where he won the popular vote, and back-to-back victories in New Hampshire and Nevada, Sanders appeared to be strolling towards victory from the offset, among a wide selection of candidates, while Biden fell off in the polling, having been the favourite for about a year before the first votes took place. However, Biden won a resounding victory in South Carolina before the suspension of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Amy Kloubuchar’s campaigns. With fellow progressive, Elizabeth Warren still in the race at the time, the progressive vote was split, while moderates and centrists were able to rally behind Biden on Super Tuesday, where Biden managed a near clean sweep of victories. Firmly established as the front-runner, Biden continued to pull off strong victories almost entirely across the board for the remaining primaries in key states such as Florida, Illinois and Michigan. However, many primaries have been postponed for weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak and the campaign trail for both candidates ground to a halt.

However, the Sanders campaign has now thrown in the towel with the delegate count standing at 1,217 for Biden against 914 for Sanders out of a total of 2,302 pledged delegates.

However, the Sanders campaign is not yet done. While the campaign is pulling out of the primaries, the greatest grassroots campaign in American history has already been redirecting funding towards coronavirus relief efforts. Reporting on the Sanders campaign, Holly Otterbein explained in a tweet that more than $2 million has been raised in two days in order to aid various charities, thanks to the small donor spinning machine that has kept the Sanders campaign alive and gained so much enthusiastic support.

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