Moira Rose Halloween Costumes Are Where It’s At This Year

Moira Rose Halloween Costumes Are Where It’s At This Year

Over the course of the show’s six-season run, the characters of Schitt’s Creek have crept into our hearts – and perhaps none more than the hysterically quirky Moira Rose. With her…interesting…dress sense and her exquisite vocabulary, she’s become one of the most memorable characters to come out of television in the last decade. If you, like many others, have chosen to use this halloween to pay tribute to this charming wayfaring thespian, we’ve compiled our favourite tips for the perfect Moira Rose halloween costume for you to peruse.

Get the look:

Moira’s look is complex, but easy to achieve. Her wardrobe is predominantly black and white, and clashing patterns are welcome. The more the merrier, really. Got some feathers? glitter? sequins? add those in for some more pizzazz. Also, don’t be afraid of the humble black garbage bag. It can be chic if done right…apparently.

“The live crows on set welcomed me as one of their own. One even tried to mate.”

Moira Rose

Bedevil yourself with accessories. They’re a must. wear so many you can barely hold your glass of wine (also a must). If you’re not making jingling noises as you walk, you probably haven’t got enough. Go back and find some more.

Props are good too. A giant wine bottle, a Cafe Tropicale menu, a binder. Pick your favourite and carry it along with you.

“This wine is awful. Get me another glass.”

Moira rose

Finally, remember that wigs are essential for your Moira Rose halloween costume. The more out there your wig is, the better. For some inspiration to get into character, check out this list of Moira’s best wig moments.

If you need any more guidance, check out how some other Moira Rose acolytes are adorning themselves:

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Happy Halloween from 🌹 Moira’s Roses 🌹

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If you’d like to stand out from the inevitable crowd of Moiras, you can practice your enunciation. Do this either by rewatching all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek, or binging all of Michael Judson Berry‘s positively prodigious impressions on TikTok:

As a final measure, don’t forget to read through the entire dictionary and make use of all the most infrequently used words on the night of your Halloween party. This is sure to have you inundated with interminable adulation.

Please tag us in your Moira Rose halloween costume photos on social media if you do choose to emulate this look, we’d LOVE to see.

Have fun, Moiras! and Happy halloween.

“Allow me to offer you some advice. Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, “Oh, I’m too spooky,” or “Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies,” but believe me: one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, ‘Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!’”

Moira Rose

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