Massive Surge in US Coronavirus Cases

Massive Surge in US Coronavirus Cases

Yesterday, the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States rose by 13,355, while the 247 new deaths took the death toll beyond the 1,000 mark.

Yesterday, the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States rose by 13,355, while the 247 new deaths took the death toll beyond the 1,000 mark. At the same time, the US Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus package.

America’s total confirmed cases rose to almost 70,000, according to figures released by The Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Research Center. This follows The Essential Millennial‘s report yesterday, where we warned that the US is set for an explosive surge in cases. Their new infection count almost doubled the next biggest rise in cases (Spain – 7,457) for one day and is significantly higher than the 5,210 new cases that were recorded in Italy.

In fact, as things stand on 26 March, at the time of writing, the US has just under 6,000 total confirmed cases less than Italy and could soon overtake them as the second-worst affected region in the world. Fortunately, their death toll is still far behind Italy’s by approximately 6,000 fatalities. The worst news, however, is that the US has now got more active cases than any country in the world, including China, which is the most meaningful figure among all the stats, with 67,063 people that are undergoing treatment, whose lives are still threatened.

By far, the worst affected city in the country is New York, with 4,691 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins. However, there is some really good news coming out of Westchester County, where the outbreak has slowed down.

“In Westchester we have dramatically slowed what was an exponential increase,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said, according to Patch. “Can you slow the rate of infection? Yes. How? That was the hottest cluster in the USA. We closed the schools, we closed gatherings, we brought in testing.”

Another move that might seem like a positive move forward in the US is that the Senate has passed a resolution that approved a $2 trillion stimulus package, which includes a $1,200 payout for most adults. It will serve to alleviate the people who are unable to work at this time and give them a chance to buy groceries and other essentials.

Around the world, the number of cases is now approaching half a million, with a total of 472,076 confirmed cases, over 20,000 deaths and 114,870 recovered. China is in the best state out of all of the majorly affected countries at the moment, with Hubei Province reporting over 61,000 recoveries overall and not a single new case yesterday.

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