Lebanon Considering State Of Emergency After Beirut Explosion

The explosion in Beirut killed at least 100 people and injured another 4,000

Lebanon Considering State Of Emergency After Beirut Explosion(Image: Mikhail Alaeddin / Sputnik via Associated Press]

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for a state of emergency in Lebanon, following a massive explosion in the capital of Beirut, which has killed more than 100 people.

The explosion in Beirut is thought to have been caused by 2,750 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate, which was stored in a warehouse on the city’s port. President Aoun called for a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, hours after the explosion happened, as reported by Al Jazeera, assembling Lebanon’s High Defence Council. It has been recommended that the army oversee security in the capital, along with the President’s declaration of a state of disaster.

A video of the explosion has gone viral and you can watch it below:

Prime Minister Hassan Diab, meanwhile, called for a day of mourning on Wednesday.

The explosion sent shockwaves throughout the city, damaging buildings, breaking windows and harming citizens.

The final death toll has yet to be determined, with emergency responders still rescuing people from the debris. However, it has been confirmed that more than 100 people have died and a further 4,000 have been injured.

Iran has also offered to provide aid with medical efforts to their neighbours.

“Iran announces its readiness to send medical aid to Lebanon and also offers treatment of the injured and other necessary medical assistance,” President Hassan Rouhani said, according to state TV.

“We hope that the circumstances of this incident will be determined as soon as possible and that peace will return to Beirut.”

Meanwhile, the UK’s junior education minister Nick Gibb has warned that it’s too early to draw conclusions about the cause of the explosion.

“The Lebanese authorities are of course investigating the cause of that tragedy and before we have the results of that inquiry it is premature to speculate,” he said.

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