Review: Trying Korean Snail Skincare Products to Combat My 2020 Skin

I wasn't sure putting snails on my face would help my skincare problems, but just check out the results of my Korean snail skincare experiment!

Review: Trying Korean Snail Skincare Products to Combat My 2020 Skin

This year has been tough in a lot of ways. For me, though, one of the biggest struggles I’ve had to deal with is the toll the added pandemic stress has taken on my skin. That, and the rise of the dreaded Maskne – acne caused by having to wear a mask all day.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten through my teenage years without much skin trouble, so when the breakouts hit me this year, I had no idea how to handle it. The stress of this didn’t help my cause either. I tried a bunch of home remedies with varying success – some of which left my skin with the lingering smell of apple cider vinegar, which is great for social distancing because nobody would want to come near that. After a few weeks of struggling with items from the pantry, I decided to try out something a little different. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Having lived in Japan for three years, Korean skincare products weren’t anything new to me, but there was one ingredient I usually dodged: snail slime. The idea of rubbing snail goo into my face hadn’t appealed to me at all, but these days it’s ubiquitous in Korean skincare and I figured there must be something to it. As a big fan of the scientific process, I decided to do an experiment to see if snails really did have the power to bring about any improvement, and as a writer, I decided to bring you along with me for the ride. Strap in and join me on my Korean Snail Skincare journey…

Which Korean snail skincare Product did I use?

The product I settled on was the Snail Truecica Miracle Repair range by SOME BY MI – which I picked mostly because it comes in a really convenient starter kit. The kit includes a gel cleanser (30ml), a toner (30ml), a serum (10ml), and a cream (20ml) and they all come in bottles that are big enough to be used for a few weeks, but not so big that, if you hate it, you’re stuck with a bunch of expensive products lying around.

The serum in particular seemed to get pretty good reviews on most other sites. But just because someone in Korea posted a good review didn’t mean it would work for me, so I was still sceptical. On top of that, I had never had so many steps in my skincare routine before, so I had a little research to do.

First impressions.

Firstly, though I can’t say I care too much for snails, using these products did come with a fair bit of guilt about the fact that they’re not plant-based. As someone who advocates for a plant-based lifestyle, massaging snail serum into my face twice a day does make me feel a bit like a hypocrite.

That being said, they gel cleanser feels really good. Yes, its got that smooth sliminess that definitely will remind you that it includes snail goo, but it also applies really smoothly, and leaves skin feeling soft and bouncy, prepping it nicely for the toner. The toner itself, when it comes to application, doesn’t give me much to write home about but perhaps the results will speak or themselves.

After the toner comes the serum, which I really enjoyed. This was my first time adding a serum to my skincare routine, and at first I was worried that the tiny bottle would be empty after a week. A little goes a long way with this one though. Like the cleanser it is, for lack of a better word, snaily. But not exactly in a bad way.

Finally, the lotion. As a day cream, applied before sunscreen, I like the lotion a lot. Its not oily or sticky, and doesn’t leave me looking shiny. Though it’s actually called “miracle repair cream”, the lotion lacks the richness I like at night, so I ended up putting another night cream on after it to add a little more moisture.

I really enjoyed having all these steps so conveniently included in the set. I found the process of going through a longer, step-by-step routine quite relaxing and therapeutic. But where the snails actually doing me any good?


Now, what you’re all here for, right? Did the Korean snail skincare products actually help my apocalypse 2020 adult-onset acne?

When I started my experiment, I was experiencing really annoying breakouts all across my forehead. I don’t have bangs and I rarely put make up on my forehead, so I was at a loss about what caused it or what to do about it. The reality is that I can’t say for sure that it was the snail slime that did the trick, but over the first three weeks of using the Snail Truecica set, my forehead cleared up a lot.

As much as I wish I could attribute the massive improvement to literally anything else, I’m pretty sure it was the snails that did it.

Being hit with frustrating adult-onset skin problems really gave my confidence a knock, and definitely added to the stress of an already stressful year. After just over two weeks of using the SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit, I’m already feeling miles better about the whole situation.

Essential Millennial Rating: 5 out of 5 avocados

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If you’re looking to expand your skincare routine, like I have, try it out and let us know how it works for you!This isn’t a sponsored post, but if you do decide to purchase this product here, you’ll be supporting us too!


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