Kim Jong Un Suspends Planned Military Actions Against South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has decided to de-escalate the military tensions between his country and South Korea, after denuclearisation talks have stalled and have taken the two nations to the brink of war in recent weeks.

Kim Jong Un Suspends Planned Military Actions Against South KoreaSupreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un will be taking a step back on planned military actions against South Korea [Image: Axios]

North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un will be suspending his planned military action against South Korea, following a rise in military tensions between the two nations in recent weeks.

Kim presided over a meeting of the governing party’s Central Military Commission, which announced that it would be suspending “military action plans”, according to the official KCNA news agency, as reported by Al Jazeera.

The video conference also discussed measures for “further bolstering the war deterrent of the country” as members “took stock of the prevailing situation”.

The announcement comes just over a week after North Korea destroyed the joint liaison office which was used to facilitate communications between themselves and South Korea for denuclearisation talks.

Kim Jung-Un’s agenda for the commission’s meeting, however, seems to contradict the hardline stance taken by his sister, Kim Yo-Jong, in what appears to be a good-cop bad-cop routine that’s painting the leader as a more rational figure for dictating the nation’s foreign policy. However, it has also been suggested that today’s announcement was merely to appease the sentiment surrounding an important anniversary: Tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

The current period of military tensions between North and South Korea are a continuation of that war, for which a peace treaty was never signed. It now involves objections raised by the North over defector-led groups in South Korea, who flew propaganda leaflets over the border. Furthermore, the country is suffering under the weight of economic sanctions that were imposed after denuclearisation talks stalled several months ago.

The claim is that the defector’s campaigns violate an agreement with the South, which was intended to prevent military confrontation, and accused them of insulting the dignity of the supreme leader.

And while Kim Yo-Jong threatened military action last week, she didn’t specify what that would be.

An “action plan” that included sending troops into joint tourism and economic zones, reoccupying border guard posts that had been abandoned under an inter-Korean pact, taking steps to “turn the front line into a fortress”, and supporting plans for North Korea to send its own propaganda leaflets into South Korea has been studied by the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army.

The conflict on the Korean Peninsula seems to be never-ending, but onlookers from the international community will be pleased to see Kim Jong-Un taking a step back.

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