COVID-19 Cases in South Africa Surpass 625,000

South Africa has now recorded 625,056 cases of COVID-19, with 2,505 new cases being reported yesterday. The country remains the sixth worst affected country in the world in terms of cumulative cases.

COVID-19 Cases in South Africa Surpass 625,000[Image: South Africa Department of Health COVID-19 resource portal]

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa has surpassed 625,000.  More than 2,500 new cases and 47 new deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.

South Africa’s total number of COVID-19 cases remains the sixth highest tally in the world, according to Johns Hopkins, but in terms of cases per one million population, they are doing worse than India and Russia, who have the third and fourth highest total cases globally.

Out of the top six worst-affected nations, South Africa has also conducted the second fewest tests, with 3,674,872 tests conducted in total, ahead of Peru’s 3,191,850. In comparison, the United States and Brazil have conducted 81,830,079 and 14,352,484 tests respectively, while third-placed India (which has a population of almost 1.4 billion) has conducted 42,307,914 tests.

However, when it comes to active COVID-19 cases, South Africa fares slightly better with only 72,424 and just 539 of those patients considered to be in serious/critical condition. Furthermore, South Africa’s death toll of 14,028 ranks 13th in the world.

The good news for the country is that the cumulative cases curve is slowly starting to flatten and daily new cases are now some way off of the 24 July high of 13,944.

COVID-19 South Africa total cases

[graph: worldometers]

COVID-19 South Africa daily new cases

[graph: worldometers]








Provincially, Gauteng remains the worst affected part of South Africa in terms of total COVID-19 cases, with 209,648 cases, while KwaZulu-Natal ranks second with 112,726 cases and the Western Cape – formerly the epicentre – recording a tally of 105,908 cases. The Northern Cape is the least-affected province, with 10,568 cumulative cases.

The tally for coronavirus cases around the world now stands at 25,223,730, with 846,405 deaths. The United States is still, by far, the worst affected country and is set to surpass six million cases today, with over 183,000 deaths.

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