Could Coronavirus Cost Trump The Presidency?

Could Coronavirus Cost Trump The Presidency?

United States President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a massive drop in his approval ratings, with the country being the worst affected in the world and death rates spiking.According to Johns Hopkins University data, the US has 1,369,964 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and counting, while 82,387 deaths have been reported. They are some way ahead of the next worst affected regions in terms of infections (Russia – 232,243) and deaths (United Kingdom – 32,769).As a result of Trump’s approach to the crisis, a Reuters/Ipsos poll finds Trump’s approval rating to have fallen to 41%, while 56% of those surveyed now disapprove of Trump – a five point rise on the mid-April polls. Elsewhere, RealClearPolitics measures the President’s approval rating at 45.1% and disapproval at 50.7%.However, what will really disturb Trump is how he’s faring in the polling against the presumptive Democratic nominee and only candidate still competing in the primaries, Joe Biden, who is opening up a lead of 46% to Trump’s 38% in the Reuters/Ipsos polls with registered voters. According to RealClearPolitics, Biden is leading Trump by 4.4 points in the national average, with 46.8% support in a general election, compared to Trump’s 42.4%. Biden also leads Trump in the betting odds as well as the critical electoral college. Biden leads in the battlegrounds of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida, while Trump has a narrow lead of 0.3% in North Carolina.However, many Americans won’t be encouraged by this either, with former Vice-President Biden currently facing allegations of sexual assault and appearing to be suffering from some kind of cognitive decline. He was unable to cite the Declaration of Independence in a speech while on the primary trail earlier this year, mixed his wife up with his sister and challenged a voter to a push-up contest in a town hall. Biden will be 78 in November.
Nonetheless, with Trump having played down the potential impact of the coronavirus when the first cases were reported in the US, recommending an unproven drug, hydroxychloroquine, for coronavirus treatment, and suggesting that infected people ingest disinfectant to treat their ailments, it should come as no surprise that the president, whose three-and-a-half years in office have been incredibly tumultuous even before the coronavirus outbreak.The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3. It is uncertain how the arrangements will be affected by the coronavirus and lockdown restrictions.

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