Coronavirus Latest: A World On Lockdown

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Coronavirus Latest: A World On Lockdown

The United States, South Africa and countries all around Europe have all announced the closing of schools, entertainment venues and services almost entirely across the board, while death tolls have risen dramatically, and the entire world has escalated into a state of panic over COVID-19.

South Africans gathered around televisions last night to listen to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address about the country’s action plan to handle the virus outbreak, with the total number of recorded infections now standing at 61. However, the situation is dramatically worse in Italy, whose confirmed cases rose to 24,747 while also reporting a total of 368 new deaths within 24 hours on Sunday.

The South African government has undertaken the decision to close schools, prohibit gatherings of more than 100 people, close most of the country’s ports of entry and set up numerous emergency response systems. And the nation is not alone, as Al Jazeera reports that New York City schools have been shut down, while bars and other entertainment venues will be closed on Tuesday.

Iran is also suffering with a particular degree of severity, with more than 100 people dying in 24 hours and a total of almost 14,000 confirmed cases. The Middle Eastern nation’s situation has been exacerbated by the sanctions imposed on it by the United States. One particularly harrowing story to come out of the country is a report from CNN that mass grave pits the size of football pitches are being dug outside in the city of Qom.

For the first time, more cases have been confirmed outside of the most-infected country, China, than from within it. There are now 5,746 people from 146 countries around the world that have died as a result of the global pandemic according to the World Health Organisation’s data. The total number of infections stands at 153,648 and it is widely believed that the official figures being released by governments and international bodies are conservative, mostly because many carriers of the disease are asymptomatic.

We at the Essential Millennial encourage all of our readers to take extra precautions by following our guide to the coronavirus, but we also ask you to share the information as far and as wide as possible, so that all of us from around the world can adequately handle the massive threat of this outbreak. Stay safe, look after your families, get tested if you show any of the symptoms and follow the orders of your governments and healthcare professionals.

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