Coronavirus Death Toll Now Over 1000

The mystery of coronavirus in China continues to escalate, after over 100 people died from the virus on Monday, according to Chinese authorities.

Less than a fortnight after the World Health Organisation declared a global health emergency and the first fatality outside of China occurred, the virus continues to escalate at an alarming rate. The Chinese National Health Commission confirmed that the death toll now stands at 1,016 after 108 people died on Monday – the highest tally for a single day since the outbreak of the virus at the end of last year. 2,478 new cases of infection were also reported, taking that tally to 42,638.

According to Al Jazeera, 67 of the new deaths occurred in Wuhan, while 103 were from the province of Hubei as a whole. As a result, two senior health officials from the province have been dismissed on Tuesday- party secretary of the health commission for Hubei, Zhang Jin, and Ling Yingzi, director of the Hubei Provincial Health Commission.

A world map depicting where the coronavirus has spread around the world (courtesy: ARCGIS)

President Xi Jinping was in the region to visit the healthcare facilities the day before their dismissals. He wore a protective face mask and had his temperature checked in what was his first public appearance since the outbreak.

The other fatalities occurred in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Anhui and Henan and major cities, Beijing and Tianjin.

Over 20,000 medical personel have been deployed in the Hubei region in efforts to combat the virus, with more on the way. Face masks and protective clothing have also been made a priority in China’s manufacturing industry

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