China Revises Wuhan Death Toll – 50% More Fatalities

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China Revises Wuhan Death Toll – 50% More Fatalities

Chinese government revises Wuhan coronavirus figures from 2,579 to 3,869

While the total number of deaths from coronavirus around the world rose beyond 145,000, the city from which the virus originated was dealt a blow this morning when Wuhan’s prevention and control taskforce revised the death toll in the city upwards by 50%, from 2,579 to 3,869.

In recent days, President of the United States Donald Trump accused the Chinese government of lying about the real statistics regarding the coronavirus outbreak coming out of the country, mimicking countless accusations directed at the Chinese Communist Party and President Xi Jinping with regards to dishonesty over a number of affairs.

According to The Guardian, the Chinese government cited the number of patients that died at home and didn’t reach the hospitals, as well as late and inaccurate reporting as the reason behind this revision of their figures.

“Every loss of life during the epidemic is not just a source of sorrow for their family, but for the city as well,” the city’s task force on virus prevention and control said. “We would like to send our sincere sympathies to the family members.”

However, in spite of the first economic contraction that China has faced so far this year, they appear to have overcome their worst days with regards to COVID-19, with just 26 new confirmed cases reported on Friday, the lowest daily increase in two weeks.

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