China Reports Most COVID-19 Cases Since April

China Reports Most COVID-19 Cases Since AprilThe new cases in China were largely concentrated in the biggest city in the region, Urumqi [Image: envato].

China has reported 101 new cases of COVID-19, which is the highest increase recorded since April.

The National Health Commission announced on Wednesday that 101 new COVID-19 were reported around the country, with 89 coming from the Xinjiang region in the far west of China, according to Al Jazeera. This is a sharp increase from the figure of 57 new cases on Tuesday.

The new cases were largely concentrated in the biggest city in the region, Urumqi, where The Telegraph reports that officials have restricted public transport, isolated communities and ordered widespread testing.

Wearing masks and temperature checks are the norm throughout China, which has greatly aided its efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite being the first country to record COVID-19 cases, way back in December last year, China has somewhat successfully contained the outbreak, with 83,959 confirmed cases and just 4,634 deaths.

Borders have also been closed to foreign travellers, while returning Chinese citizens have to face a two-week quarantine upon their return to the country. However, even with its relatively effective strategy to flatten the curve and keep the virus at bay, China is still under threat, with Beijing reporting its first domestic transmission of the virus in over two weeks on Tuesday, while the province of Liaoning also reporting six new cases. Four of Tuesday’s new cases originated from travellers returning from outside of the country.

China’s continued struggle against COVID-19, even after apparently keeping it under control, particularly in comparison to Western nations like the United States, shows that even though the containment strategies have proven highly effective, anything short of constant vigilance can lead to a new wave of infections.

China’s COVID-19 relapse should therefore serve as a lesson to the rest of the world showing just how difficult its going to be to beat this pandemic and how just one vulnerability can affect everyone.


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