China Reports Highest New COVID Infections In 6 Weeks

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China Reports Highest New COVID Infections In 6 Weeks

While it has been looking like the coronavirus had run its course in China, a wave of new infections hit the country yesterday, with the majority involving people returning from other countries.

While the coronavirus originated in the city of Wuhan in China and China’s total number of infections dwarfed anyone else’s in the early stages of the outbreak, the country’s figures went into retreat and it had appeared that they had flattened the curve and stopped the virus in its tracks, while the US, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK all surged ahead of them in terms of total confirmed cases.

While the global tally for confirmed COVID-19 cases currently stands at over 1.85 million, China’s tally stands at 83,815 as of Monday morning, which pales in comparison to the United States’ 557,590 cases. And with 77,956 recoveries, China continues to boast the best figures with regards to keeping the virus under control. According to the Washington Post, having already partially reopened Wuhan after its nearly three-month-long lockdown, China’s government reported 108 new infections yesterday, its highest count since 5 March. While that still falls well below the figures that were reported during the peak of its outbreak, China will be concerned that it could be the start of a second wave of infections.

All but 10 of the new infections have come in from abroad, with several of them being Chinese nationals that were returning home. Almost half were recorded in Heilongjiang province, which borders Russia. On Sunday, Reuters reported that officials in Suifenhe, a border city in Heilongjiang, a 28-day quarantine for anyone that comes in from abroad will be enforced. The Capital of Heilongjiang, Harbin, will also be undergoing a 14-day lockdown.

China also reported 61 new asymptomatic cases of Coronavirus on Sunday, a decrease from Saturday’s 63.

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