Cape Town Hot Spots: Sun-Kissed Salsa

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Cape Town Hot Spots: Sun-Kissed Salsa

Summer in Cape Town is magical. Sure, it comes with a heck of a lot of wind, but it also brings with it cheap fruit, lazy days on the beach, and open-air Afro-Latin dance parties.

Having experienced the fruit and the beach my whole life, it was with some trepidation that I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and attended that last one. And it reignited many of my childhood dreams, originally sparked by Diego Luna and Romola Garai in Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (arguably better than the original).

The essentials:

Where: Seapoint Pavilion Forecourt

When: every second Sunday until 31 May, 15:30-19:00

Website: facebook page

Sun-Kissed Salsa is a free event has been going on for years, and I can’t believe I waited so long to check it out. Though it’s daunting approaching a group of dancers who clearly know what they’re doing when, like me, your sense of rhythm is sub-par and you thought Bachata was a kind of a fish, the anxiety doesn’t last too long. It’s hard to be stressed when you’re surrounded by music, dancing and a killer view of the sunset.In fact, the atmosphere is so positive and inviting, whether you’re a salsa champion or a total rookie, that it’ll have you wishing the event took place every Sunday, if not every day.

In fact, the event isn’t even limited to salsa. The music frequently changes between Kizomba and Bachata too so it’s a real education for clueless newbies (again, this is me). Anyone can take part, or just hang out and watch the pros who know what to do with their feet and when to do it. You can also buy snacks from the vendors at the pavillion. If you get bored (but I guarantee you won’t), all you need to do it turn around for the killer sunset, or walk a couple of metres to get down to the beach.

Participants vary from all walks of life, and all levels of dancing. It’s truly remarkable to see so many people who are so very different from each other coming together to dance and spread joy.

Whether you have rhythm or not, grab a partner (perhaps one who doesn’t get embarrassed easily), put on your dancing shoes (or any shoes for that matter) and check out this event until 31 May. Who knows, you might awaken a new passion, or at the very least make some new friends. Maybe they’ll even teach you some moves you can whip out next time you’re at a wedding.

Essential Millennial Rating: 5 out of 5 avocados

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