Uygur Asks Congressional Opponent If She’ll Stop Taking Bribes


Media personality, Cenk Uygur, has called out his congressional opponent in the race for California’s 25th district for taking corporate PAC money, asking her to her face if she’ll stop doing so.

Uygur, who was previously a straight-talking anchor on MSNBC, is the founder of the progressive online news network, The Young Turks, and recently chose to run for Congress in California’s 25th district.

His number one issue, which he emphasizes on air, is getting money out of politics. He considers corporate Political Action Committee (PAC) money to be a form of legalized bribery. As a result he, and several other progressive figures, founded the Justice Democrats – a wing of the Democratic Party that refuses PAC money and relies on small dollar donations. Current congresspeople such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and Ilhan Omar are Justice Democrats candidates.

While attending a town hall with his primary opponent, Christy Smith, he emphasized his position on PAC’s, stating that he prefers to be accountable to his voters.

“I started a group called Justice Democrats to build up the progressive wing of the party, so that we have real, clear differences,” Uygur said. “That’s why the voters need to decide. That’s why I love primaries. And I love taking it to the voters because that’s our job, to represent the voters.”

He went on to ask Smith if she’ll continue to take corporate PAC money.

“And along those lines, I want to ask her [Smith] today, because I don’t take corporate PAC money and I don’t take lobbyist money… Christy, are you going to continue to continue to take corporate PAC money? Are you going to continue to take lobbyist money?” he asked. “I’d love to hear that and I think a lot of the voters would like to hear that.

“And things like UnitedHealth Group that gave you money… when you say you’re against Medicare-For-All, having taken money from health insurance companies, it gives people, at least, pause. So will you give that money back?”

Uygur’s campaign has already garnered a lot of media attention, but it’s his brazen discussions like this that could be the subject of significant coverage during the election cycle this year. It will certainly be interesting to see how American voters react to the discourse surrounding the issue of money in politics.

Published by Kyle Smith

Kyle is a journalist by qualification that has operated professionally in a number of roles in a wide variety of fields. His interests lie in sports, politics, technology and entertainment. Writing from Cape Town, South Africa, Kyle also engages with locals and visits prominent locations in The Mother City, whilst also taking an interest in current affairs abroad.

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