1.9 Million Global COVID Infections – WHO Releases Action Plan For The “New Norm”

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1.9 Million Global COVID Infections – WHO Releases Action Plan For The “New Norm”

Global coronavirus infections now exceed 1.9 million and, while life may never be the same again after the COVID-19, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released its strategic advice for governments around the world to tackle the pandemic.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s data, confirmed cases around the globe yesterday rose by 70,300 on Monday, taking the total to 1,920,918. Perhaps the more frightening statistic is that 119,686 people have now died as a result of their infections, but it’s encouraging that 453,289 have recovered. The United States is far and away in the worst condition out of individual countries struggling to contain the virus, with 582,468 confirmed cases in the country, 23,649 deaths and 44,308 recoveries. More frighteningly, only Italy, Spain, France and the UK eclipse New York City’s death toll, with the city registering 7,349 deaths from COVID-19.

Beyond the news of rising figures and changing statistics is yesterday’s statement made by the WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Ghebreyesus outlined six key criteria for nations around the world to follow, even after lockdowns have been eased or lifted, in order to contain potential pandemics in the future. The WHO criteria are as follows:

  • Transmission is controlled.
  • Systems are in place to detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace their contacts.
  • Risks are minimised in care homes and other at-risk environments.
  • Preventive measures are in place in schools, offices and other places people need to go.
  • Importation risks can be managed.
  • Communities are fully educated and able to deal with the “new norm”.

The WHO’s criteria provide a basic idea about how our lives will be irrevocably changed, forever, even after the pandemic ends.

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