Curating your career

Perhaps the greatest challenge for any millennial in today’s fast-paced world is how to get the most out of your career. We are better educated than any generation that has come before us, yet we are dealing with a global economy that’s far more challenging than ever. Sometimes, we might find ourselves getting depressed, knowing that, at our age, our parents seemed to have it all figured out!

But fear not, dear reader, the Essential Millennial team is here to help! In this section, you will find stories about how to make money online, how to map out your own career path, useful tips for the office, ways to achieve a healthy work-life balance and much, much more, so that you’ll be ready to take on each and every challenge that comes your way.

The Essential Guide To Working From Home

Working from home is awesome! But don’t kid yourself into thinking that it’s easy. You’re presented with all kinds of new challenges. The rules of the workplace are currently in flux and it’s hard to work things out – especially in the beginning.

Recognise Burn-Out (And Move Past It)

Millennials are a generation that was told they could be anything. Astronaut, no worries. Pilot, of course. President, sure. You just had to put your mind to it. But as we all get older the truth reveals itself. We can be a lot of things, but sometimes what we want we cannot be.

The Beginner’s Guide To Teaching Abroad

Countries like Vietnam, China, Japan, and Kyrgyzstan (amongst so many others) recruit thousands of foreign teachers every year. If you’re considering becoming one of them, check out our compilation of pros, cons, and tips to help you figure out what kind of job, and which country is right for you before you commit.

How To Hate Your Job A Little Less

It’s normal to not LOVE every minute of your job, but if stress and negative situations at work are affecting your quality of life, it’s time to start making small changes that can improve your work day a little at a time.

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