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A fundamental part of the Millennial experience comes in the form of our exposure to new technologies

The Essential Millennial’s tech section is all about addressing emerging technologies, the latest devices and developments in the news. It is critical that we keep up to date with the newest devices, gadgets and breakthroughs if we are to anticipate and adapt to changes to our very human condition. As a result, we’ve prioritized reporting on it and making sure you stay on top of things.

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The Final Step In Digital Migration: Blockchain And The Media Industry

News has been distributed and read online for decades now and the media industry has suffered, but that could all change sooner than you think… I recall writing a feature article while at university five years ago, in which I wrote about how digital media has radically transformed the industry, especially when it came downContinue reading “The Final Step In Digital Migration: Blockchain And The Media Industry”

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