What Your Mask Really Means, and Why You Still Don’t Want to Wear it

Why does it feel so hard to adjust to this new necessity? The truth is, physical discomfort is probably only one very small reason Western societies have been struggling to adapt to mask culture.

Sushi, Runs, Malls And Lockdown Level 4

I’d recommend as a rule of thumb, whether you’re shopping for those winter clothes we’re allowed to buy now, walking your dog on the Promenade, or at home sending out Tweets, just try not to be an asshole.

The Shame Game: Judgement In The Times of COVID-19

We’re all doing the best we can right now, and though we’re already stretched pretty thin, if there’s only one thing we can control during these messy and uncertain times, let it be our ability for kindness and understanding. We need to exercise compassion like we never have before, and perhaps when all this is over we’ll come out stronger and better for it.