Biden Sweeps Up Florida & Illinois To Bury Sanders’ Hopes Of Democratic Nomination

With almost all of Tuesday’s votes accounted for in both Florida and Illinois, Joe Biden will be the winner for both states’ Democratic primary elections and nothing short of a miracle will be needed to keep Bernie Sanders’ campaign alive.

Biden All-But Seals Dem Primary: Prepare For 4 More Years Of Trump

With a majority of the primary races called after the March 10 Democratic primaries, it’s very likely that Joe Biden is going to be the man chosen to run against Donald Trump. Sadly, 2020 is probably going to be a nauseating deja vu for America and Trump will be in the White House for anotherContinue reading “Biden All-But Seals Dem Primary: Prepare For 4 More Years Of Trump”

Biden The Big Winner On Super Tuesday

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, walks away from Super Tuesday as the big winner, after ostensibly winning nine of the 15 primaries that were held on the day, with the important states of California and Texas still some way off of 100% reporting. So far, only five states have 100% reporting (as of the earlyContinue reading “Biden The Big Winner On Super Tuesday”

Dem Primary Debate Hits South Carolina: Here’s What You Need To Know

The democratic presidential candidate will be hoping to gather momentum in tonight’s presidential debate co-hosted by CBS news and the Congressional Black Caucus and the front-runner, Bernie Sanders is undoubtedly going to come under fire after back-to-back wins in New Hampshire and Nevada.

Trump 2.0: Meet Michael Bloomberg

A surging candidate in the 2020 Democratic primaries is somebody that hasn’t even been on the ballot yet. His name is Michael Bloomberg and he’s just like Donald Trump. Michael Bloomberg is a 78-year-old businessman that is best known to Americans as a former Mayor of New York. He is also the CEO of financial,Continue reading “Trump 2.0: Meet Michael Bloomberg”

Op-ed: Why Trump Will Be Hard To Beat In 2020

There’s no denying that Donald Trump is a political juggernaut. Even though it seems ludicrous to some, he should be considered the favourite to win the general election in November, regardless of his opponent. And here’s why: Trump shocked the entire world when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 in a fairytale (or nightmare, dependingContinue reading “Op-ed: Why Trump Will Be Hard To Beat In 2020”

Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary on Tuesday, while Senator Amy Klobuchar shocked everyone with a third place finish and Andrew Yang dropped out of the race. Following the debacle of the Iowa caucus last week, Sanders has been declared the winner with 87% of the results reportedContinue reading “Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary”

Op-ed: Takeaways From Iowa Debacle

Former Mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg narrowly beat Bernie Sanders in terms of his share of State Delegates Equivalents, with 100% of districts’ numbers finally released. However, Sanders won over 2,500 more votes than Buttigieg and the “inconsistencies” with the reporting of results will have many Americans questioning the voting process and legitimacy thereof,Continue reading “Op-ed: Takeaways From Iowa Debacle”