Coronavirus Spreads Across All Of China As Death Toll Rises To 170

Coronavirus Spreads Across All Of China As Death Toll Rises To 170

There are now over 7000 people confirmed to be infected with the deadly new virus that has spread across all of China’s 31 provinces.

With the virus emerging from Wuhan, and 1,032 new cases confirmed in it’s surrounding province, Hubei, China’s state media has now confirmed that the outbreak has spread into Tibet, according to reports from Al Jazeera. Thirty-seven new fatalities have been reported throughout China as the number of deaths from the outbreak has risen to 170.

The World Health Organisation has urged governments to “take action” after hundreds of foreigners were evacuated from Wuhan.

Outside of China, Finland and the United Arab Emirates join a list of over a dozen countries that have now reported new cases, as this is quickly turning into a global health crisis.

The WHO will be meeting today to decide whether or not to declare a global health emergency, which would be used to increase international cooperation for a plan to deal with the outbreak. And while it has yet to declare it a public health emergency of international concern, it has confirmed it as an emergency in China, while the global risk from the virus has been described as “high”.

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