BREAKING: President Ramaphosa Announces Nationwide Lockdown

It’s official, President Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that South Africa will enter a complete lockdown.

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The President addressed the nation on Monday evening at the Union buildings, after widespread reports that the country would be entering a nationwide shutdown for 21 days from Thursday at midnight.

He confirmed that everyone, with the exception of essential service workers, will have to stay at home. Those who need to do things such as buy food, visit hospitals and receive grants will also be allowed to leave their homes under strictly controlled conditions. South Africans traveling back home from high-risk countries will be placed under quarantine. Furthermore, Lansaria ‘s international flights will be suspended in their entirety.

He also announced several other measures that will be put in place, such as R1 billion bailouts for small businesses that has been pledged by both the Rupert and Oppenheimer families to the solidarity fund.

Ramaphosa thanked nurses, teachers, police, traffic workers and others who have been working on government’s response that was announced during his 15 March address, before reflecting on the national state of disaster.

“We are once more calling on everyone to wash hands frequently with soap and hand sanitiser,” he said, while discussing some of the measures to be taken. “Everyone must do everything within their means to avoid contact with other people… Staying home is the preferred best defence against this virus.”

The president made a point to stress that the primary concern is to ensure that the country’s healthcare system is not stretched beyond its capacity.

“Our analysis of the progress of the epidemic informs us that we need to urgently and dramatically escalate our response,” he added.

Once again, we call on all of our readers to take the measures being enforced by the government seriously and to act in everyone’s best interests by self-isolating and following all of the safety guidelines. Stay safe out there!

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Published by Kyle Smith

Kyle is a journalist by qualification that has operated professionally in a number of roles in a wide variety of fields. His interests lie in sports, politics, technology and entertainment. Writing from Cape Town, South Africa, Kyle also engages with locals and visits prominent locations in The Mother City, whilst also taking an interest in current affairs abroad.

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