Biden The Big Winner On Super Tuesday

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, walks away from Super Tuesday as the big winner, after ostensibly winning nine of the 15 primaries that were held on the day, with the important states of California and Texas still some way off of 100% reporting.

So far, only five states have 100% reporting (as of the early hours of Wednesday morning in America), with Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont and Virginia all the only states to fully release their results. Biden has won all of them, with the exception of Vermont, which is Bernie Sanders’ home state. Furthermore, Biden has been called the winner in Alabama (97% reporting), Arkansas (92%), Massachusetts (91%), Tennessee (98%) and Texas (98%). Bernie Sanders, meanwhile is winning California (37%reporting), Colorado (66%) and Utah (72%). Although Maine (81%) hasn’t been called, it appears that Biden will win it too, although he has a 0.8% lead on Sanders at the time of writing, and predicting one win over the other would be naive at this stage.

With roughly a third of candidates at stake on Super Tuesday, Biden has stolen a march on the primary race. California is still far from fully reported on and has the most delegates on offer, but there’s no question that Biden is the big winner on the day, with roughly 100 more pledged delegates to his name at this point. It is a dream scenario for the Biden campaign that seemed dead and buried less than a week ago.

The democratic establishment’s mobilization against the Sanders campaign has worked, for now at least. Joe Biden is once again the favourite to win the nomination, but let’s not forget that there’s still plenty of voting to be done. As things stand, the delegate count standings are:

  • Joe Biden: 459 delegates
  • Bernie Sanders: 404 delegates
  • Mike Bloomberg: 46 delegates
  • Elizabeth Warren: 34 delegates
  • Pete Buttigieg: 26 delegates
  • Amy Klobuchar: 7 delegates

The magic number to win the nomination is 1,991 and there are still 3,003 delegates remaining to be fought for, so we are still some way off of finding out who will be running against Donald Trump in November. Joe Biden, centrists and the Democratic establishment will be incredibly pleased with their position at the moment, especially considering that Sanders seemed a certainty to win the nomination prior to Biden’s crushing victory in the South Carolina primary.

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Published by Kyle Smith

Kyle is a journalist by qualification that has operated professionally in a number of roles in a wide variety of fields. His interests lie in sports, politics, technology and entertainment. Writing from Cape Town, South Africa, Kyle also engages with locals and visits prominent locations in The Mother City, whilst also taking an interest in current affairs abroad.

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